ATTENTION  RECRUITERS: Please read this first!

Q: What is your preferred job location?
A: SW Connecticut, Fairfield County, ideally in the Norwalk, CT vicinity. Telecommuting also works.
     Working from home, I do not mind occasional travel e.g. to Hartford, Boston or New York City.

Q: Are you willing to relocate?
A: Yes, given enough motivation (Preferably Boston or San Diego areas).

Q: What motivates you?
A: Sensible, interesting and rewarding work; Good work-life balance; Convenient commute (or WFH); Positive Work Environment.

Q: Are you available for contract work?
A: I am targeting permanent positions (part-time is preferable). I can consider W2 contracts.

Q: Do you require sponsorship to work in US?
A: No, I am US citizen.

Q: Can you send your updated resume?
A: It is available: online (Detailed) and for download: MS Word, PDF.

Q: Can we set up a quick phone call to chat?
A: Let us start with email: n(dot)shadr(at)gmail(dot)com (included in my resume).

Q: What is your most recent experience?
A: Lately I enjoyed working as a Data scientist using Object-oriented Python and various ML libraries.
     I also use such tools as R, Matlab, Mathematica.
     I worked with major relational and some NoSQL databases.

Q: What are your areas of interest?
A: Technical computing, Data science, Software engineering, Scientific programming, Numerical methods and Algorithms, more ...

For any other questions: Check my Professional highlights first. See also my profile at LinkedIn.

Nikolai Shokhirev


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