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Creating a static website with Sphinx

1. Introduction

Sphinx [1], [2] , [3] is a documentation tool originally created for documenting Python projects. Recently I got the idea that Sphinx can be used as a static website generator. A quich Google search revealed that I was not alone. This subject was discussed at Stack Overflow [4] and Quora [5]. I decided to collect the links to the existing approaches rather than to reinvent the wheel.

2. Direct use of Sphinx

There are several posts about using Sphinx as a static webpage generator:

3. Sphinx based website generators

Tinkerer is a blogging engine/static website generator powered by Sphinx [10].

4. Hosting

4.1. Readthedocs

Documentation using Sphinx and ReadTheDocs.org [11] .

4.2 GitHub

4.3. Bitbucket

This undocumented Bitbucket Pages feature allows to host simple HTML web pages from a Bitbucket repositories [17].

4.4. PythonAnywhere

PythonAnywhere Forums. How do to host a static page [18].

Setting up Pelican on PythonAnywhere [19].


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  12. How to upload html documentation generated from sphinx to github?
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  15. Publishing sphinx-generated docs on github
  16. Create a developer documentation with sphinx and github
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  19. Setting up Pelican on PythonAnywhere


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