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People analytics and Social Physics

1. Introduction

People analytics is a rapidly growing area of business intelligence and big data technology that uses snippets of people-related data to optimize business outcomes and solve business problems. Experts within the field, including Ben Waber and Alex Pentland, contend that people analytics tools can be effectively applied across all parts of the modern enterprise in order to transform operations and workforces [1].


2. People analytics applications

Effective People Analytics: How Do Organisations Measure UP? [2].
People Analytics @ Google by Helen Tynan, Director of People Operations at Google [3].
Trends in People Analytics: PwC's Trends in People Analytics report highlights recently published 2015 PwC Saratoga US benchmark data[4].
How Google Is Using People Analytics to Completely Reinvent HR [5].
Talent analytics and big data - the challenge for HR: Oracle Research report, November 2013 [6].


3. Social Physics

MIT professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland studies how ideas flow through groups and the effect that flow has on productivity, something he calls "Social Physics" [7], [8], [9].

Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread - Talks at Google by Sandy Pentland [10].

Social physics refers to the quantitative study of human society [or] social statistics [11].

Pentland described his coined term, "social physics" as quantitative science that describes reliable, mathematical connections between information and idea flow and people 's behavior - how ideas flow from person to person and how they shape norms, productivity and creative output. Coupled with new tools into collect and analyze big data on human interaction, the science of social physics yields insights on how large groups of people make decisions across disciplines, including health, finance, and politics [12].



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