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MongoDB and Python

1. Introduction

Below are MongoDB annotated links. The primary focus is the access to MongoDB using Python.


2. MongoDB

General links

MongoDB for GIANT Ideas [1].

The MongoDB 3.0 Manual [2].

Tutorial Using MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline [3].


3. MongoDB and Python

Introduction tutorial "Getting Started with MongoDB and Python" by Marco Bonzanini: [4].

Data dump from SQL's Northwind database to a CSV (northwind.csv) turned into multiple CSVs and import into MongoDB (mongo-import.sh): [5].


4. Applications

"Real-time Twitter heat map with MongoDB": [6].

See also Flask references.



  1. MongoDB for GIANT Ideas
  2. The MongoDB 3.0 Manual
  3. Avinash Kaza, Business Intelligence Platform: Tutorial Using MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline
  4. Marco Bonzanini, Getting Started with MongoDB and Python
  5. Tristan McNab, Northwind@MongoDB
  6. Real-time Twitter heat map with MongoDB


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