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PHP Fat-Free Framework


A powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust web applications - fast! [1], [2].

Getting Started [3].


Blog Tutorial with Fat-Free Framework v3 [4].

How To Use the Fat Free PHP Framework [5].

Fat-Free Framework Setup 101 [6].

Five-part Fat-Free Framework tutorial [7], [8]:

Video Tutorials

Fat-Free Framework tutorials by Mark Takacs [9]:

  1. Basics of installation, project setup and the definition of the first route: Video, Description, Code.
  2. Global variables, routing with class object references, basics of structuring business logic: Video, Description, Code.
  3. Advanced MVC project structure: Video, Description, Code.
  4. Database setup, db connection, Models and CRUD: Video, Description, Final project.
  5. Bootstrap and authentication: Video, Description, Complete project.


This guide shows how to create a multilingual F3 app with ease. Localization is a important cornerstone for growing any app. It helps reaching a broader audience and improves the overall user experience. [10].

PHP Fat-Free Routing Examples [11].


Building a basic RESTful API with Fat Free Framework [12].

My objective is relatively narrow: to be sure that relatively small amounts of sensitive information never leaves my computer unencrypted.



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